Go Kids!


Last night, imbued with a heightened sense of fun and fulfilment, I finished another rip roaring day in the stock market and left to go to a school parents evening. Wandering around the teachers with my offspring, I was pleased to hear the right things and that he was ticking all the required boxes. I was a little surprised though when told that he’d just won a “poetry recital in a foreign language competition.” All well and good but the surprise was that he’d won the competition by doing the recital in ancient Greek. My ears really pricked up when I heard there was a cash prize…………. Unfortunately the £25 book token isn’t really going to touch the sides. 

The evening was uplifting and not because junior was scoring a few points. More, because the sports hall was full of enthusiastic and smart 17-18 year olds brimming with youthful optimism, each with their own sense of clarity and purpose.  I am ceaselessly amazed and inspired with what the young achieve and have great faith and confidence in the future and their ability to improve the world around them and to build.

It’s a while since I’ve mentioned a TED talk; here’s one with a 12 year old, one Thomas Suarez, who is a pretty good example of what I'm talking about. A kid who gets up and get things done.