Annabel's; Box Ticked


Somewhat to his surprise, your correspondent found himself in Annabel’s night club last evening. I don’t go to night clubs very often and in fact, am too old for night clubs, unlike my host who glides across the late evening landscape with the ease and confidence of a vintage Bentley. It is though, charming and elegant beyond expectation and easily fulfills everything one has heard about the place over the years.

Actually, no matter how smart it may be, I do recall Mrs Flashbang warning me some time ago that Annabel’s was just “an expensive place full of old men and young women.” Well, what is there not to like with that but I am left wondering, how does she know?

Still, in one of those bizarre moments which felt like an out of body experience, an evening that started with a very civilised wine tasting ended up with meeting the Colombian president on the smoking terrace. Visibility was limited however; as we stood in a fog of Cuban cigar smoke generated by El Presidento and his charming entourage. I quietly suspect that we weren’t the first patrons of Annabel’s to have an out of body experience with a Colombian export but that, of course, would be for entirely different reasons.......

Nonetheless, it means I ticked two boxes on the “things to do before you die without realising they were things to do,” list and I rather think it will be some time before I again cross the threshold of Annabel’s or meet the Colombian president.