Students; Think Smart 2


MS, a fellow jouneyman on life's bumpy road, chucks in a few incendiary thoughts on student finance. All becomes quite straight forward really when one isn't bogged down with the baggage of political dogma and vested interests,

"This may be the most important thing you ever have written about

What is the point of education? It is to provide a useful and intelligent workforce for the country, so that businesses in the country can employ useful and intelligent young people, and grow their businesses to become more profitable, and (albeit it's only as a sideline) pay tax to keep the central government gasping along to support the 50% of useless idiots that we are supposed to look after.


Charging 9 grand /yr for education is barkingly stupid and a typical 'one-size-fits-all' government policy. A university education should be a privilege to earn: that some students get a BSc in Nuclear Physics and some get a BA in Media Studies makes a mockery of the indifference in the qualification. We need loads of science grads, we need very few arts grads, the cost of education should be 'usefulness' tested, such that 'useful' degrees such as science and engineering don't cost £9k (and maybe they are free) whereas 'useless' arts and sociology degrees cost £18k.

That will sort out the men from the boys, and our universities will provide a workforce matched directly to the 21st century, rather than to Brideshead."