As a result of a glorious and completely predictable failure at the Regular Commissions Board at Westbury at the age of 18, I subsequently enjoyed three years as a Jock and JNCO in not one but three different regiments, (Queens Own Highlanders, Royal Highland Fusiliers & the Gordon Highlanders), in the then Scottish Division in three years.

Of course, this groundbreaking approach to career development was sadly ahead of it's time and my tour around the Division was brought to an abrupt end when, somewhat to my surprise and everyone else's involved, a catastrophic failure of diligence at the RCB at my second attempt allowed me through the gates of the RMA and off for another enjoyable adventure with, much to the relief of Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Artillery. Some enquiring minds have noted that oddly enough, the post Suez British Army reached it's zenith at round about the same time. 

This week, one of the Crumble Kids secured an Army Sixth Form Scholarship at the age of 16 which gives him a place at Sandhurst after University. 

Perhaps the family DNA is improving over the generations.......