That Present Thing



It's your world weary correspondents birthday tomorrow.... yippee and so on; can't wait to see what the austerity fairy is going to conjure up this year.

It's always a stressful time. I'm not very good at accepting clearly ridiculous and useless birthday gifts with the grace and gratitude that good manners and civility demand; never have been. It's not very grown up though and every year I struggle with the temptation to ask, "Did you keep the receipt?" So I'm going to give it another bash and try to be a good boy and make everyone feel warm and fluffy and I promise I won't go straight on to the internet to upgrade my birthday with some secret Dad shopping.

If I acted though, like some of these kids, Mrs Flashbang would hit me so hard and fast I'd think I was surrounded. Still, I think they've got a point............