British Military Tournament 2011; All Done



Don’t we all just love Monday’s? I trust your weekend was less nerve jangling than was my own, mostly spent watching the boy do his thing in the Field Gun competition at Earls Court. Fortunately, he still has all his fingers and he emerged relatively unscathed. I took the liberty of making a little movie with my iphone but repeated attempts to get it on to youtube have driven me to utter distraction and almost to the point of tearing my own fingers off.

Anyway, it's finally up there in the ether somewhere. I’m hoping to go viral by this evening in at least one and a half of the Home Counties. Broadband is ridiculous at home; you could teach one of the dogs calculus in the time it takes to download something and I’m sure my internet orders from last Christmas are only now pinging into Amazon’s server. When the government talks about infrastructure spend they could do worse than to make a start with buying a few thousand miles of optical cabling and bringing us somewhere close to catching up with our competitors. They won’t though; just for as long as there is a better photo opportunity with a bypass road or a bridge.

Back to the BMT which was entertaining, although there was too much audio visual and definitely not enough humour which has been a traditional characteristic of such shows. The deaths slide at the beginning was dull, get the booties in who do it every which way you can including upside down, and dispense with the political rhetoric at the end. It sounded like a propaganda call from North Korea; its not the job of a charity to justify our presence in Afghanistan. It simply cheapens it in the eyes of the better informed. Star turn of the show for me went to the RAF band drum major who is flat footed and can't march although it was a close run thing with the Guards bandsman at the rear who looked as if she'd been left outside in the rain and shrunk. It's a different Army now. All the young kids I saw enjoyed it though and that, really, is all that matters.

Anyway, enough rambling, here it is and congratulations to both crews on an immaculate effort; take yesterday off......