Christmas Shopping? Panic No More


I’m one of those merry band of homely individuals who don’t much enjoy the cut and thrust of High Street Christmas shopping and for whom the internet has been a positive saviour. I know my limits though and when shopping, tend to stick to the tried and tested. Ask me about radio control helicopters, salmon fishing kit, Apple gear, gadgetry and I reckon I can match most of my peer group and indeed, those much younger than am I. Jewellery though leaves me stumped.


 Just before Christmas 1990 I strode into Garrards to buy an engagement ring because I thought if it was good enough for the Queen it was good enough for the future Mrs Flashbang. I thought I had a healthy budget for those days but you don’t get much of a sapphire at Garrards unless you walk in with a King’s ransom under your arm. Buying jewellery is an absolute bloody minefield for the average man; I can see them now, licking their lips as the wide innocent romantic piles in with chequebook in hand. Go back the next day and ask what the resale value is of any purchased item and you’re likely to be carried out on a stretcher, such would be the shock of diminished value. In this respect, I can only liken them to motor car retailers. So what’s a chap to do?  

Step forward the lovely Lisa; friend, gemmologist and advisor on all things that sparkle.


I don’t usually recommend enterprises here but I do try to support small businesses and this is one which the average panicking bloke who wants to look good on Christmas morning might find useful. Lisa usually offers a personal consultancy service and sources stones herself if you’re at the high end of the market, but she does have some off the shelf merchandise; some of which is currently on sale.


Take a look if you have a care and you can contact her here. As for Mrs Flashbang, I think in these austere times its going to have to be a trip to Halfords for a new car battery for the chicken pen electric fence. What more could a women possibly want?