Egypt; What Now?

As the turbulence in Egypt subsides somewhat, the so called revolution which has been so enthusiastically cheered along by our hysterical media and politicians is far, far from it's conclusion. Moreover, the spill-over into other middle eastern countries will continue. The net impact will lead us to a more destabalised environment in the middle east for some years to come. Taken to it's most gloomy conclusion, one could eventually foresee Israel moving lock, stock and barrel to North Dakota.

Credible analysis has largely been absent during the crisis with most media outlets reverting to televisual friendly loops of stone throwing and mob action. The only thing misssing has been a Hollywood sound score.

Hopefully, as events continue to unfold, our politicians will learn the value of keeping quiet and not to throw out rushed sound bites which only strengthen the incumbent governments and draw the Arab world together. Less.......... is more.

One source of measured and informed analysis is Stratfor. You can follow their latest update on the link.

 Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Realityis republished with permission of STRATFOR.