When is it our turn?


'For decades, some have argued that stability required highly controlling regimes, and that reform and openness would put that stability at risk,' David Cameron said speaking in Kuwait.

He went on to say, ""As recent events have confirmed, denying people their basic rights does not preserve stability, rather the reverse."

I have just one question for Mr Cameron, his cabinet and the shower of 650 MP's who once elected largely pursue any path other than the one voters would wish,

Where's our referendum on Europe? When is it our turn to vote? 

We don't care about a referendum on Alternative Voting which is just a distraction to quieten down the tofu munchers. We want a say in the kind of country we will leave to our children. We want a vote on Europe.

Right, I'll get my placard and get down to the High Street, throw my shoes in the air and start twittering, (isn't that how the revolution thing works these days?).   

Haslemere High Street