Blohm + Voss & Crumble Kids

Bv141 by Airfix

The Crumble Community are an eclectic and independantly minded bunch. There are though, some things that bind us all together.  A strong sense of duty and fairness, an appreciation of the importance in life of a good forward defensive drive and writing your thank you letters on time and of course, as fellow traveller Dirk Randolph shares with us today; a misty eyed memory and love of Airfix models.
"I see that Thyssen is looking to complete the sale of Blohm + Voss shipyards to Abu Dhabi.  Well that takes me back a bit: B+V Industries is better known these days as a ship-builder and a technological market leader in marine components but they used to make planes and flying boats.  Perhaps their most ingenious design was the BV141, one of the most unusual aircraft ever built, the cockpit being mounted on one wing, counterbalanced by a one-sided tail-fin.  The result looked liked something arising from a draughtsmans bad dream but the asymmetric configuration cunningly offset the torque of the propeller.
It flew extremely well and pilots loved it for the uninterrupted view, and as a single-engined observation plane you'd think it would tick all the boxes.  However, although B+V developed their own prototype it
never went into production, its design being deemed too unconventional for the Reichs Luftfahrtministerium.  Much-loved by the Airfix model nerds though this was one of the last ones to suffer the ritual of being set on fire with lighter-fuel and being swung round on the end of a piece of string, launching gobs of scalding duck-egg blue Humbrol paint in all directions.  
I dare say such a work of genius deserved a less ignominious end, but at least with small boys in the '70's, it saw active service."
Hope he had these on standby..........