Libya, The Black Watch & Spike

So now that Gadaffi is knocking on the door of Benghazi, having kicked the stuffing out of the rebels all the way from Tripoli, the UN sanction a no-fly zone. In fact, they've authorised, "necessary measures; to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack."  Well that's good then.

Unfortunately, with the rebellion almost over there are a couple of flaws in the plan, not least of which is the fact that the USS Enterprise, (that would be the ship with the aircraft), is still in the Red Sea and the Charles de Gaulle is tied up in Toulon. Of course, we don't have any at all so we'll be using Italy as a stand in carrier.

Not wishing to restate the problems with a no-fly policy and how it might backfire, I just have one question to ask. Gadaffi has said, in pretty plain language, that he will respond if attacked by outside forces. If we attack, and he subsequently responds with his agents detonating a device in London which kills scores of people, what exactly is our next step? He's done it before.

Moving on, we learned last week that the Black Watch are on standby to head to Libya. Regardless of how preposterous an idea that might be, it is worth noting that the Black Watch have form in Libya, having been there before.

After the gallant but doomed regard action at St. Valery in 1940 when the 51st Highland Division was decimated, what remained of the jocks joined the 9th Highland Division to form the new 51st (Highland) Infantry Division. The reformed Division took on a home defense role between 1940 - 1942, when it set sail for Egypt and the North Africa Campaign.

The division, of which the Black Watch were part, were famous, (or infamous), for painting their 'HD' insignia which on road signs along their axis of advance.

It reminds me of that other gallant British Soldier who was in Libya at the same time,  Spike Milligan. He once apparently shot a plane down just by shouting "I hope you bloody well crash!" at it..........

So cunning a plan you'd have to be a fox to understand it.

His best lines though are the simplest, "How long was I in the army?........ Five foot eleven!"