Rioters & Tesco

Picadilly Riots; 26th March

Two things that I have nothing but contempt for are Tesco, (and the rest of the bloody supermarkets who are busy colonising our towns and villages), and long haired, unwashed demonstrators who bring mayhem, fear and damage to our streets unhindered, it seems, by the constabulary.

Tesco are however, despite my views of them, one of the best managed companies in the world. Little wonder then that they have managed to run rings around planning officers up and down the country and indeed the competition commision. Strange then, that Tesco and the yobs, (who are apparently anti big corporate), should should come together in a blog, given their seeming mutual antipathy to one another.

What's Crumble on about now, you cry?

Well, an acquaintance was working very close to the disturbances on Saturday near Picadilly and popped out to grab a sandwich at the Tesco Metro on the junction of Jermyn Street and Lower Regent Street. 

The Tesco branch was secured by six hefty looking bouncers, my chum entered and bought his sandwich unhindered. He was though, ever so slightly surprised to see the Tesco staff taking their motto, "Every Little Helps," to something of an extreme with the riff-raff happily buying cases of bottled beer from the store which they promptly took outside and dispatched with some vigour toward the police lines.

Tesco's contribution to the maintenance of good public order is clearly unhelpful, especially to the poor sods at the hurty end of the trajectory of airborne bottles of Carlsberg. It doesn't though, say much for police awareness of what's going on around them at street level. It's straying from the point somewhat but it's as clear as day to me that someone will be killed before long unless the police toughen up their response to the idiots. They have the law behind them and are far too intimidated by the press and every other man jack trying to be Don McCullin for the day to do their jobs properly.

In the meantime, they may want to wander round and have a chat with the Metro manager. Alternatively, they can just get their boss to call Phil Clarke the CEO, here's his number 01992 632222.

Lesson No 1 son, always keep your visor down. Don't worry..... we've all done it and learned the hard way