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Mr Haddad-Fonda....... right old clever clogs

Being the sort of chap with ordinary pedestrian tastes I'm happy to sate my appetite for television with things like the odd weekly visit to University Challenge. Challenging Mrs Flashbang to see who can get the highest score against a shower of under worked, long-haired hippy students who haven't seen daylight since they discovered the student bar and the local pub quiz is thirty minutes I can spare most Monday evenings. 

Until that is, Mr Haddad-Bloody-Fonda turned up. Actually, there tends to be one in every series........ it doesn't matter that you might know the answer, the trick is getting it out before these blokes with brains the size of Scotland get there first. 

Last night his circuits were on fire; he totally eclipsed his team-mates who were no slouches either, but Cudmore had a more interesting thing with his jaw when he got something right.  A moment to treasure though, was beating him to the answer to the question about perfect numbers.  I came up with "One billion" as the first number I could think of with a 'b' in it.  He was only 2 seconds later but only because his brain had taken a while to rule out all the others from 1-1,000,000,000. He was a total geek on the election results and what about Japanese history; imagine being stuck in a lift with him?

I was left with a miserable score of 6. Still, it's more respectable than being beaten by Mrs Flashbang who only last night admitted that last week she recorded the show, (I was out), watched it and then pretended she was seeing it for the first time when we watched it together. The worrying thing is, she still scored less than I but be warned, this is the sort of scurrilous behaviour that UC can engender in usually solid marriages.

As for Mr Haddad-Bloody-Fonda............. I may have another explanation.......

Mr Haddad-Bloody-Fonda