It's That Day Again!


Earlier today, in the spirit of the moment, I sent this email to the Crumble Kids at school.


I know it’s been a long term and you are all looking forward to a well deserved break and also have much on your minds.

I do too, and I apologise for adding to your worry levels but I want to share some news with you before you come home. Life has not been easy over the past couple of years and I have found myself struggling with much inner turmoil. I have finally come to a decision to be open and honest with myself, my family and my friends. This will mean some domestic changes which will at first be strange, if a little odd, but I hope we can work through any difficulties and embarrassment.

Children, from today I have decided that I know longer wish to be a man and will be henceforth adopting the characteristics of a women. Going forward I would like to be known as Deirdrie, or just D.

Your mother and I have decided to stay together but our relationship will be one of sisters rather than husband and wife.

I will be dressing appropriately and using the mannerisms of my new persona, I hope you quickly get used to it.

I know this is going to be tough but love conquers all and I have just as much of that now as I had before. Please respect my wishes and I think before long you’ll find we are all rubbing along just fine with our new arrangements.



I promptly received this reply,

"OK - just don't come and pick us up from school....!"