Japanese; Made in Britain?

The worlds media have been relatively quiet about the on going problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant. The Blogescenti however, are much less restrained and some writers have been warning for many weeks that the disaster recovery at Fukushima is anything but under control. You can read more here, here and here. Both the short and long term implications of continued contamination though, are beginning to go more mainstream.

Tepco, who appear to be the Keystone Cops of nuclear disaster recovery, seem clueless at every turn and if they do have a clue they have no idea how to communicate what's going on either with their own people or the international community. It is long past the time when management of the disaster should be handed to a governmental body with international oversight. We'll be discussing this more in future posts.

Moving on, we learned from Bloomberg yesterday that ,

" VLADIKAVKAZ , Russia, April 14 (Bernama) -- Some 47 cars from Japan with excess radiation were stopped at the Far Eastern customs checkpoints for the last few weeks. The radiation level was exceeded from 2.3 to six times, the Far Eastern customs service in Vladivostok told a press conference on Thursday."

Concerns about contaminated exports, other than food which is already facing blanket import bans throughout the Far East, will doubtless grow.  

Moreover, car manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford and Honda, who are traditionally reliant on Just In Time delivery, are halting production because of parts supply disruption caused by plain inventory draw down as a result of power supply interruption in the parts factories in Japan or simply the fact that factories are out of commission.

Short term, this will create further instability in the global economy. Longer term, the Japanese will have to investigate further manufacturing outsourcing outside of Japan. 

It may be unseemly to chase ambulances but HMG should be planning now to bid for any new manufacturing plants and putting together a special budget to provide incentives and attract Japanese companies to the UK over the next five years, especially given we have a pretty good record with them.