Get Ted Poe on a Plane... Now!

Energy saving bulbs: Bringing new meaning to the phrase, "as bright as a 2 watt bulb." 

The regular reader will be unsurprised to find that there are a great many things in life that manage to drive me to hand wringing distraction. Most emanate from stupid decisions made by stupid people who purport to represent us, but it's blatantly clear that once they taste power they go off on wild trajectory's to places that even those with the most fervent childlike imaginations could ever have thought possible. That they are emboldened with a sense of righteousness and self purpose is all the more challenging to the ordinary voter, given the veneer of self effacing humility they offer during the election process. 

So the Westminster Jedi Mind Trick is pulled once more and we continue our lurch toward being an outstation of Berlin and Paris, with our way of life increasingly determined by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and judges who delight in sweeping away 1000 years of hard won individual rights.

Every now and then though, a straw comes along which crumples the resolve and which makes you think, "is it really worth standing up to these people, or should I just give in?"

For me, it's every time I switch the lights on at home and sit in 2 amp twilight until these bloody ridiculous energy saving lightbulbs spark up by which time I've usually fumbled around in the near darkness and I'm off to the next room. I bloody hate them. Of all the things dumped on us by Europe this one winds me up the most because it's a constant reminder of their tyranny.

Equally, just very occasionally, a politician comes along who stands up and speaks for the ordinary family. In this case, he's from Texas but we could certainly do with him over here. Step forward Ted Poe, speaking for common sense and the common man,