Holidays4heroes Update!

An update for holidays4heroes, our pet charity project here, is way overdue; so here's a quick update.

We now have a total of five vehicles at the resort in Spain which have been donated / bought second hand or borrowed indefinitely from kind donors. The disabled friendly transport is a great boost and we no longer lose people at, or in transit from, the airport and families have a great deal more flexibility than they would otherwise enjoy during their stay. We also have a full set of stores, from wheelchairs to pushchairs and bikes and equipment for the disabled.

The current project is this little number, a three and a half litre boat which is kitted out for waterskiing, fishing and generally getting burnt to a crisp in the Med. It’s on loan, provided we repair it, and that’s being done by some lads in green who are giving up their time. We hope to have it in Spain soon. 

So, Le Torre is currently littered with soldiers with broken bodies and broken minds, widows, parents of lads killed and families who have fallen on hard times.


Kindly, the community in Le Torre are fitting out some of the pools with hoists for our guests.

Thank you to those who continue to support us. 


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