The 2011 Riots Inquiry

Earlier this week the Government confirmed it's intention to hold an inquiry into the recent riots.

Yesterday also saw the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visiting areas of London that bore the brunt of the breakdown in civil order.

Having devoted much of his adult life to helping the young and disadvantaged, the Prince spoke of the lack of extra curricular activities in schools and that one way of tackling gang culture was through building the self confidence and self esteem of young people.

"I still think half the problem is that people join gangs because it is a cry for help, the fact they're looking for a framework, a sense of belonging, and a meaning.

"What's been so lacking is that sort of opportunity to allow people to be motivated and encouraged, and frankly exhausted because that's what you really want at that age."


Nobody is better informed about the problems besetting inner city youth than the Prince, nor is anyone in a position of greater neutrality which offers access across all spectrums of society. Congratulations Sir, you get the job. I look forward to the announcement from Downing Street of the Prince of Wales Commission on Youth Dislocation.

Downing Street can announce a separate investigation into the failure of the Metropolitan Police to either predict or control events. Actually, recent events are simply an aggregation of hundreds of individual incidents that happen daily in London with little intervention from the police. They have appeared to lose control of the streets, or seeming interest in controlling them, years ago as we have previously discussed here and here. That organisation is clearly in dire need of top to bottom reform; as I suspect are many other constabularies.