Exam Results


Mrs Flashbang and I were surprised and pleased last week by the eldest’s A Level results. Similar GCSE news this morning from the next Crumble Kid turned a dreicht and dismal day outside into a bright, blue-sky-sunshine day inside. I hope any of you in a similar situation felt equal joy and pride.

In my experience, youngsters today are smarter, worldlier, more interesting and more interested than ever I remember either I or my contemporaries being, yet they appear to have pretty big odds stacked against them in terms of further education opportunities; debt, first time property purchase, employment and so on.

It is of course, worth bearing in mind, that the kids don’t just compete with each other for places at university and for jobs; they are in a fiercely competitive world where they are forced to tough it out with overseas students and job applicants. I’m not sure that’s right. Shouldn’t their birthright offer something more, just as it seems to in the rest of Europe, Scotland and Wales?

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