Flash Mobbed

Some days I look at Mrs Flashbang with the adoration of a young puppy. Others, I look and wonder, “what on earth happened?” For many of you, going home is all part of a well oiled, well loved and secure routine. For me, it’s a world of constant surprises. None more so than last Sunday when she, and 399 other barking mad middle aged women, descended on the Ideal Home Exhibition to do a Flash Mob.

Honestly, how do you tell your kids that Mum’s just gone off to scare the bejesus out of the unsuspecting public at Earls Court? Some of those people were probably having a perfectly nice day until a bunch of Surrey housewives threw their coats off and started murdering a pop song. It gives new meaning to dancing around handbags.

As you may suspect, I'm not really a flash mob sort of person... but this; this I could do when next I arrive at Terminal 5……