Cracking Movie

Once in a while a film comes along that leaves you not caring about being ripped off by the thieving pirates at Odeon Cinema's charging £3.25 for a medium coke. If you're fed up then, with the latest Hollywood formulaic RomCom rubbish of boy meets girl, boy does a stupid thing, girl hates boy, boy seeks redemption etc etc then ease off down to the local cinema and watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

It won't assault your senses leaving you scared, breathless or in bemused wonderment at impossible special effects; it will simply leave you a little uplifted with a sense of having enjoyed the past 120 mins and lets face it, how many of us get 120 mins of straight enjoyment these days.

Cracking cast and some food for thought for those deep thinkers who want to ponder on the developing demographic time bomb throughout Western Europe. Me, I just enjoyed the movie; you should do the same. It is after all, really rather nice to see that someone out there can still do something to a reasonable standard and without $100m of special effects. I guess it's called acting.