Go Girls!

Yesterday was one of the great days in the annual sporting calender for spectators; Ladies Day at Aintree. Predictably, the media have thrown themselves into their usual sneering feeding frenzy at the expense of the good girls of Liverpool and I must be honest, I have read, watched and laughed myself in the past at the innumerable fashion car crashes which characterise the event. 

Now I'll admit, some of them do look like extra's from Men in Black 3 but enough is enough. I think now that the foreign press are in and having a dig it's time to stand up and speak for our girls...... after all, what is there not to love about Liverpool lasses...


There was though, absolutely nothing I could do about this; in fact, what is this?


I can guarentee one thing though, Ladies Day at Aintree is only going to get bigger and bigger and joking apart, you can already see the beginnings of the camp crowd making it their own. Next up, students going in drag taking the mick, just wait and see!