Whatever Became Of Fiona?


Last night I was throwing together another eclectic playlist for the delectation of future guests at Crumble Towers when I chanced upon a track I haven’t heard for a very long time, Different Drum, (oddly enough was written by Mike Nesmith of the Monkees). It's a great track, well until some girl you're in love with plays it to you because she's too inarticulate, embarrassed or callous to tell you you're history. Never happened to me obviously.

But how could I have forgotten how fantastic Linda Ronstadt was and which teenage boy didn’t harbour deeply unchristian thoughts about her….. well, until Debbie Harry came along, certainly? You see, any readers not growing up in the seventies may not be aware that the decade wasn’t at all about punk rock and miners strikes; no, it was about Linda, Debbie, Farrah, the girl in the flake advert, Anni-Frid and Agnetha, Bo and lets not forget, Fiona McDonald who lived down the lane, (wonder where she is now?), who apart from an unfortunate propensity to completely ignore me was, in the eyes of a growing Highland, boy, drop-dead-gorgeous……….. don’t think she ever spoke to me you know. I'm not bitter.