Tony Blair; Sanctimonious Twat

Oh thank you, thank you... I do love listening to high level psychopaths! -- Tony Blair, in a forward to Alistair Campbells new book, according to the Daily Telegraph, says that his empathy toward Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, David Trimble and Ian Paisley was vital in the peace process in Northern Ireland. Some of us might be moved to replace "empathy," with "giving hardened terrorists whatever they ask for and letting cold cynical murderers of soldiers, policemen and civilians off scott free."

Funny how it's all about Tony. It's as if I and the hundreds of thousands of others who spent part of our young lives in the Province over a 30 year period never existed. The Provisional's came to the table because we had won the intelligence war and people in Northern Ireland were exhausted by conflict.

He claims nonetheless that he is a successful mediator as he is good as "absorbing" other people’s pain. The former prime minister says he is able to make two enemies see each as human again as he can take on and transmit their raw emotions.

I wonder if our dead and wounded from the two subsequent Middle Eastern wars see it that way. 

Sanctimonious twat.