January Detox & Fat Birds II

January Detox hits hard with the M&S wholefood salad with some smoked mackerel for lunch. What is there not to love..... hmmmmm, yumety, scrumety......

After a genuinely enjoyable, amusing and indulgent Christmas, which was quickly followed by a ripping New Year it's time again to pay the piper. I've done the January good boy thing for so long now I enter into it more with dogged resignation rather than spikey irritation. I don't count calories or any similar such nonsense. We all know what the bad stuff is and we all know how much is enough. I drink water or green tea and will lose over a stone by February. It's not difficult, just dull. I then cheat by having the annual health check and blood test just when the pipes are at their cleanest. Unfortunately, the plan unravels spectacularly every single year when the Six Nations hoves into view. One of these years........ I really must see it through.  



So, the blog is six years old next month and I took a wander through some old posts and came across this beauty from Jan 6th 2011, January Detox and Fat Birds. One of the best I think you'll find...... even though it was written when I was in a somewhat less than sympathetic mood to fellow humanity.