Bravo Charlie Webster!

The television presenter Charlie Webster has resigned as patron of Sheffield football club as a result of their decision to allow convicted yet unrepentant rapist Ched Evans to train with the team following his release having served half of a five year sentence. Two further patrons, sixties pop star Dave Berry and health expert Lindsay Graham have also resigned during the course of the day.

Have the board of this "family and community orientated," club completely taken leave of their senses or is their moral courage so diminished that they have folded like a wet paper bag to the demands of the contemptible Players Football Association? The head of the PFA, an odious individual called Gordon Taylor, has a somewhat original view of the world, ‘If he earns money he'll pay taxes. Those taxes will go to help people who maybe can't get a job.’

Seriously? These people don't think so.

The statement issued by the club is jaw dropping. Are they really suggesting that there is a fair and reasonable case for a convicted rapist to return to a role as a public figure? Read the statement yourself and judge.

I'm absolutely speechless. 

These are the culpable men although news reports suggest that among them there are those who are uncomfortable with the decision. They should simply resign and walk away forthwith. For the others, what exactly would your mothers say?

Owners; Abdullah bin Musa'ed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (50%), Kevin McCabe (50%)

Co-Chairman (Group);  Kevin McCabe,  Jim Phipps

Chairman (Football Club) ;  David Green

Director (Football Club);  Scott McCabe

Vice President; Mike Blundell,  Ian Cameron,  Martin Green,  Andrew Laver,  Martin Ross, Christopher Steer

Operations Director;  Dave McCarthy

Head of Football Operations;  John Stephenson

Finance Director;  Craig Burns

Commercial Director;  Steve Coakley

Head of Group Coordination;  Carl Shieber

Director (Plc)

 Prince Abdulraham Bin Abdullah

Director (Plc);  Selahattin BakiJeremy Tutton

All of you are utter cowards. What's next, a goalkeeper from Broadmoor and a couple of ABH's on the wing? I hope your wives, girlfriends, golf, masonic, wine and gin clubs, sling you out on your ear. You've proved yourselves not to be responsible people acting in the best interests of your club and community. You are morally bankrupt and your actions reflect badly on your town, your sport and indeed yourselves although its evident that you long since stopped caring about any of those things. You had better be quite sure about your actions because on these rest your legacy for it is this for which you will be remembered.

Charlie Websters fund raising effort earlier this year.

Light shines through though in the form of Ms Webster. Others should follow. Some of those men will be decent family guys; they need to prove that; to themselves more than anyone.