A Good Start

Why bother? Let's revist the Snake Oil Willie Band for a reality check.

January is out of the way, done and dusted. For the many who chose to elevate their sense of sense righteousness in going dry for the month, February has dawned with perhaps, a sense of relief. Tomorrow, pious sobriety will be thrown asunder by most as we launch into the Six Nations with a veritable jamboree of rugby. For me, there is just one incy-wincy-wee-small flaw in the plan. I've done dry January for just about 30 years now and recently, have started a programme of giving up all the bad stuff for 3 months every two years. This is one of those years. I've dropped 16lbs so far and we'll be going for the usual 3st in 3 months on the Bloody Minded 1100 cal/day Crumble Mind-over-Matter Hard Core Diet. This year then, January represents a bloody good start to water and Green Tea for just another two months.