Apple Schmapple

Apple's Chief Watch Architect 

So with the usual schmaltzy fanfare Apple come out with a watch. Hurrah I can hear you say, or rather those left who are not suffering from technology fatigue resulting from this curious modern enslavement to the geeks in Cupertino. The curious thing is, ten years ago everyone, (well Nokia mostly and boy did they lose the plot), was talking about convergence. That is, phone, diary, email, games, browser, camera and the rest all on the same device. If I’ve got this right, they’re now trying to persuade us to go back to the old set up of multiple devices, one that I never left in the first place.

I'll mostly be sticking with my £70 Seiko thanks

I've tried many watches over the years. The best was my bog standard but fondly remembered Army issue G10 watch, the worst were expensive Swiss watches which to my mind are just a narcissistic con, ($400 and 4 months for a service; what?..... and they never kept good time). I think I’ll pretty much ride this Apple thing out as well. Anyway, as a friend commented this morning, “it’s not for our generation to have an opinion, just to pay for the wretched things.”