There has been a right old fuss over nothing this week in respect of the call from Ed Balls for people to ask for receipts for cash payments as low as £10 and the subsequent "revelation," that he himself hasn't asked for a receipt from his window cleaner for 17 years while claiming for the cost on parliamentary expenses. 

The ensuing furore over the obvious hypocrisy missed a simple and vital point.

What in the blazes is the hard pressed tax payer doing paying for window cleaning for these people? Has the world gone utterly bonkers? There was another MP fellow claiming for the cleaning of a one bedroom flat...... madness.

Unless these MP's are aliens foisted on us by a superior world that wanted to rid itself of its remedial cases , and I think there is a pretty good chance that they are,  they need to get in touch with Planet Reality PDQ. 

Ready the pitchforks.....