Birthday Blues


Another birthday rolled around this weekend. I continue to get older and whilst spiritually feel much the same as I did thirty years ago the body is operating off a different script. Everything is still there, just not functioning with the same mechanical fluidity which once it enjoyed. My knees feel like they are clogged up with rust and I’m pretty certain they’ll be giving me a new hip at some point although we’ll leave that for as long as possible. Time is though, a bastard. Heaven knows where this year has gone; the seasons have spun around with what feels like accelerating momentum. It is as if someone has messed with the Space Time Continuum and a second, an hour, a day have speeded up and just don't seem to last as long as once they did. That, is ominous. The only gadget I need for my birthday is a bloody Tardis. Indeed, when I look back on 2017 and my impressive list of intended New Year resolutions, I have to report that I am no closer to starting, never mind finishing, items 1-5. The world then will have to wait another year for my first book which is still stuck on the opening paragraph and I’m no closer to learning to code than I am to learning ancient Aramaic. In fact the only resolution which I have robustly maintained was the one, ’to make a stranger smile every day.’ Funny how a small bit of kindness or humour has genuine efficacy. Makes me feel better about the world anyway and perhaps the world feel better about me.

Go for it boys!

Go for it boys!

In keeping with the approach of most men, birthdays are treated as low a key events as is possible and dinner with close friends on Saturday was about as extrovert as I would wish to get, (and good fun it was too). I do though miss the fun parties we conjured up in the past when the kids were younger. What could be more fun than inflating 250 balloons of different colours and telling 3 teams of 7 year olds to let rip and burst all the balloons of their team’s colour? The game only lasted 3 minutes but it was a hoot. Or the Dodgeball game for 11 year olds with water-bombs instead of a ball, the survival weekend in the woods, the 'build a catapult and fire an egg over the house game,’ or indeed the Round Robin with Command Tasks and Argocat driving.  Fun times….. perhaps I should organise similar for grown-up friends. Now that would be fun. 

Grateful thanks incidentally for the kind birthday wishes sent by various digital means. A big part of me doesn’t need the reminder but actually, they are nice to receive so thank you.