Guy Talk

So Nigella is back on the box with a new television series called 'Simply Nigella.' It started last night apparently but I missed it, being busy scoring less than 5 points on University Challenge against the androids from Imperial and then recuperating from mental exhaustion with the last  episode of Doc Martin. I'll miss it. Easy going and gentle entertainment. I did enjoy last weeks episode when the wonderful Sigourney Weaver joined the storyline. Sigourney and I have previous, 'my, he is handsome,' she said, (Pinewood Studio's 1991). Unfortunately, and as bad luck would have it, I was 25 miles away at the time but if she liked my photograph that's good enough for me. 

Anyway, there has been something of a storm among the Twitterati about Nigella's programme. Apparently, avocado on toast is not good enough for them. They obviously didn't figure out the word 'Simply,' in the title and will just have to wait for the next cooking series to hit us............ oh look, is that Professional Masterchef on it's way? Indeed it is. Others have been moaning about Nigella's licking, pouting and innuendo. Well, if they don't like that there isn't much point in watching is there. 

But I'm not here to talk about Nigella. I'm way past my Nigella phase. I'm here to help those blokes sitting on their own at home having been deserted by their other halves in favour of book club, the choir or something or someone more sinister and upset making. Don't worry lads, I'm here to help. I've found the perfect cookery school for men on their own. Believe me, you'll fit right in and feel at home with the mood, competence and enjoyment level when you study this clip of Henry Phillips who really has nailed the culinary arts for the single man. Enjoy!

There are a whole series of clips covering every potential social requirement; don't thank me, I'm here to help.