Can I Vote For Basher Neil?

Labour's Jamie Reed in a car crash interview with Chief Dementor Andrew Neil, on Labour's NHS spending plans and taxes like the mansion tax. He is eviscerated.

We're all by now used to candidates and potential PM's saying whatever they think we want to hear while writing make-believe cheques from the Magic Money Tree with carefree abandon. 

That they have been getting away with it is nothing short of disgraceful and a sad reflection on broadcasters. One of the few who, on all our behalf's, actually calls them to account is Andrew Neil and well done him for speaking up for democracy and the electorate.

The example above from the Politics Show is a classic. I don't know if I'm infuriated or just saddened.

Perhaps, if the political class carried personal liability for their stupidity, as do most of us outside the public sector, then they might be more thoughtful and diligent before dispensing financially incontinent decrees.

If I could vote for Mr Neil, I would.