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This'll make you look good in front of the Missus

Ever had one of those moments when one of the kids has asked for help with maths prep? Making an excuse about the kettle boiling and scarpering is no way to treat these weighty matters of fatherhood. It's been a long time for us all and frankly, I don't think most Dad's got their heads much round the subject then never mind now.

As usual I'm here to help and with a flourish allow me to introduce the game changer. Download the free PhotoMath app from the App Store and technology will take up the slack.

Just point the scanner at the fiendishly devilish sum in question and Photomath will solve it in a heartbeat and, showing your new found enthusiasm for maths it will walk you through the solution. Watch the clip above in open mouthed astonishment and reflect on the humiliation this puppy would have saved in years past.

We've all been there....

We've all been there....