Cycling to Costa Rica

Which Dreadnought has more firepower??

Good morning and many folk are currently enjoying a no doubt deserved autumnal half term break. Should any of you happen to be passing through Nicaragua or Costa Rica this week and see a serene figure on a bicycle, gliding past like a Dreadnought over the mountains of those countries then do stop and say hi to Mrs Flashbang who is doing her bit for charity. I am happily abandoned at home. I did a couple of these charity bike rides years ago in the Middle East and at the end of them would cheerfully have seen them all melted down into paper clips. My nadir was unthinkingly running into the Dead Sea at the end of a particularly tough days cycling in Jordan, (great country btw). Unfortunately, I hadn’t stopped to reflect on what the salt would do to my rather chaffed nether regions. I found out pretty quickly. Oh how I screamed.