Day 53

Crumble looking a tad more toned on Day 53

I’m now on Day 53 of my extended January detox and am wading through the calendar still on water, green tea and <1300 cal/day. Weight loss has slowed right down though which is a bit dull.

The dream & the reality

Joy of joys however, I am now more than half way through. I like to think of it as cresting the hill and starting on the downward slope. In the far distance, along the valley floor beyond, I see the flickering lights of a familiar hostelry where old friends will greet me, a cheerful landlord with a Jimmy Edwards standard handlebar mustache will serve me  a welcoming pint and pretty girls will laugh at my jokes. Perhaps I'm becoming delusional. April 1st is still a while away and its been a long time since pretty girls laughed at my jokes.

That's on the naughty list then


Still, I’ve been finding out some fun facts and I’m happy to share them. We all know sugar is killing the population in a quiet and insidious fashion. The extent of how sugar has pervaded the national diet has though, taken me back somewhat. I downloaded a free app called ‘Sugar Smart,’ which scans barcodes and tells you how many sugar cubes are in the scanned item. All well and good but there are some surprises. Who would have thought that a standard 530g jar of Sharwood’s Mango Chutney has 59.2 sugar cubes in it? Won’t be touching that food-of-the-devil again.

With the accelerating rise of diabetes and obesity, and falling revenue from smokers, it is only a matter of time before sugar is taxed. All that is missing is the political will but the NHS, and the country, can ill afford to allow things to continue on their current trajectory.