Crumble Does Culture

I was quietly pleased to have the opportunity to polish my somewhat tarnished cultural credentials last week with some modest involvement in the staging of Noel Coward's play 'Fallen Angels,' at my Club in aid of Haig Housing's Coming Home charity for ex servicemen. 

Directed by Dominique Sinagra the fast paced play was a blast from the start to the hilarious finish. Sharp acting and with, as you would expect, witty and piercing dialogue, (how it passed the censors in 1926 is a complete mystery), provided a very relaxed platform from which to hand over some money to a great charitable cause. So I did.

Acutely aware that my 25th wedding anniversary is fast approaching I had no hesitation in digging deep here and bid in the auction for a terrific auction prize that solves the 'what to do on our anniversary,' issue.

Cue Mrs Flashbang

Yes, Mrs Flashbang is going on a Kidnap Avoidance & Survival Course. It's going to be a memorable and fun, fun weekend away. Now the uncharitable among you may suggest that only a stupid or suicidal person would attempt to take her on, far less attempt a kidnapping, but we can never allow ourselves to become complacent or let our situational awareness dim. And anyway, who wouldn't want to play at Bodie & Doyle for their 25th Wedding Anniversary, or should it be The Avengers? Think we'll go with The Avengers; I'm up for it! She's just going to love it.