Energy Bills; Who's Fault Did You Say Minister?

Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, speaks today and apparently will again verbally eviscerate the power companies.  

Just a couple of points to note Mr Davey before you mount the current political hobby horse,

Energy bills are obscenely high, we know that and we've known what's been coming for years.. We also know that a complete intellectual and political vacuum in the field of strategic power planning for twenty five years by successive governments is mostly to blame. The entire political complex is culpable thinking as you did, that you could wave through planning permissions for windmills that don't generate enough electricity to power a train set and that don't work in the cold or high winds in order to tick the green voting box; idiots. The only winners in the windmill game have been property developers, (many of whom have never even seen the land on which these monstrosities have been dumped), and wealthy farmers. All subsidised through the power companies by the beaten up citizen. You're an utter disgrace, the lot of you.

Moreover, creating uncertainty in a sector of shares in which most pension funds are invested for stability and yield is irresponsible and damages the income many of those you purport to want to help by creating an uncertain economic environment for those companies.

Power companies are not perfect but they should not be demonised. We've already seen BP in the oil sector left to the US judicial wolves over the past two years with no political top cover and the current rhetoric does Westminster absolutely no credit. 

Were it only power generation and it's cost then we might be able to muddle through. Actually, Westminster's default reaction to any problem is to go on the offensive and blame everyone else, never themselves. We will see this in other departments in years to come and defence will probably be at the front of the queue when 22 years of sequential defence cuts suddenly mean we are unable to protect our interests.

Switch On and Switch Off

Finally, there is of course an expectation that everyone has a right to a fully centrally heated house all the time. Not so. The elderly and babies need and require minimum temperatures; everyone else can take a leaf out of the Crumble Towers book of winter living; put a fleece on and turn that bloody light out. 

I suspect Michael Gove is probably the only one in government with the stones to say it given he is the only strategic thinker with moral courage in it.