Enough is Enough NSA

Perhaps the spying game has gone quite far enough

Well, we can jest and joke,can't we? The manufactured outrage from Europe on inter government surveillance is anyway really somewhat disingenuous. That's exactly what covert agencies do. It's why they were set up and any suggestion that Europeans do not indulge in the same practices is just contemptible, especially as most of the European countries in question work with US agencies on targets of mutual interest so it's absolutely no surprise to them what American capabilities are.  

However, embarrassment is being caused domestically for the governments concerned and as Stratfor highlights, the Snowden documents are being released in a clever and orchestrated way designed to create maximum impact and disruption between the US and it's allies. 

More surprisingly is given that anyone who has been near them know that the US establishment is utterly anal about security, (well, a visit to JFK immigration will teach you not to go there too often), how in the blazes did a three month contractor get so deep into some of the intelligence cells within the NSA? One might be forgiven for thinking it's just one big disinformation operation. Stranger things have happened.