The Big Guy made a few friends along the way

Fats Domino died today, (kind of weird to reflect on the fact that he lived for more than twice as long as did Elvis). Moments when the Greats pass on are not moments of sadness. Rather, they are an opportunity to reflect and celebrate lives lived and at 89, the big Creole Louisiana man certainty did that. They will be arguing for decades about his contribution to music and if indeed, he was the original 'Granddaddy of Rock & Roll.' For sure, his early transition from Boogie Woogie to Rock & Roll with his early 1949 single "The Fat Man,' is considered to be a landmark record in the evolution of music but as he himself said, '"Everybody started callin' my music rock and roll, but it wasn't anything but the same rhythm and blues I'd been playin' down in New Orleans."

My only contribution to the debate is that it would be rare for a guest to come for dinner and not to hear at least one Fat's track on my eclectic playlists. My favourite Fats track, which is a wee bit maudlin but I like it nonetheless, may be found here but the clip above of Fats playing with the incomparable Jools Holland in 1988, and who himself has done so much for live music, tells us much about the mans genial and warm hearted character. 

For no better reason than they both came up in my iTunes library search I find I actually have much more Fats Waller than Fats Domino....... Fats Waller died 74 years ago. What does that say?