Financial Press Summary 2nd Sep 2013

Financial Press summary put together by Jon Fineberg over at Tourmaline, 

Vodafone and Verizon set to approve $130bn deal  FT

Morsi sent for trial over protest deaths  FT

Shipbuilding boosts South Korean exports  FT

Brussels tightens noose on money funds  FT

Italy introduces tax on high-speed trade and equity derivatives  FT

More than 1 in 8 UK shops face closure, says study  FT

Australia, America and the Pacific ties that bind  FT

Measuring the gauges of US stock valuations  FT

Kerry says US tests prove sarin used in Syria attacks  FT

François Hollande wrongfooted by US move on Syria  FT

Merkel forced on defensive in TV debate  FT

Chinese seek greater say in UK nuclear plants  FT

Barack Obama risks more than just his credibility on Syria  FT

Western disarray gives succour to Assad  FT

Stop the politics on Syria  FT

Lessons for Greece from down-and-out Detroit  FT

Greek banks: still standing  Lex

China’s banks: love ’em or hate ’em  Lex

Win-win deals: double V-sign  Lex

Business Takes Flight at London Airports  WSJ

White House Girds for Battle With Congress  WSJ

Thousands of Anti-Government Protesters Fan Across Mexico City  WSJ

Plunging Currencies Plague Asian Firms  WSJ

Our reputation is in your hands, Mr Miliband  The Times

Postal union has privatisation in its sights with strike ballot  The Times

Zombies need help from the taxman, says retail veteran  The Times

Trade Secrets: the truth is small can be beautiful  The Times

Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria  Independent

Mark Leftly: Keep track of criminals? Serco is so big that it can't keep track of itself  Independent

Russell Lynch: Labour is heading up a dead-end street with its 'cost-of-living crisis'  Independent

Samsung Galaxy Gear: the smartwatch paving the way for a wearable future?  Telegraph

We’re foolish to assume that big business knows best about our trading opportunities in the EU  Telegraph

Our special relationship endures  Telegraph

Beware the Ides of September: a turbulent month for the economy  Guardian

The death of the car industry is about more than statistics  Guardian

Western financial prescription has made Turkey ill   Guardian

US debate on Syria may be a watershed for the West in the Middle East  City AM

Both Left and Right should fear the threat to medical research in the UK  City AM