Financial Press Summary 4th Sep 2013

Todays Financial Press Summary from Jon Fineberg over at Tourmaline, 


Investors cast doubt on Microsoft deal  FT

US senators offer support for Syria strike  FT

UK economy picking up speed and outpacing peers, says OECD  FT

What independence would mean for Scottish trade  FT

Number of refugees fleeing Syria tops 2m  FT

Kenya lines up record $1.5bn bond debut  FT

US-Russia grandstanding threatens to hijack G20 debate  FT

US warned over recovery as QE3 uncertainty risks EM slowdown  FT

Philippines accuses China of stoking South China Sea tensions  FT

Germany is being crushed by its export obsession  FT

The mooncake is eclipsed by the age of austerity  FT

Euro’s destiny depends on more than Merkel’s mindset  FT

Nokia / Microsoft: splitting mad  Lex

Verizon: growing places  Lex

Gazprom / Europe: Mutually assured dependency  Lex

Sugar: bittersweet regulations  Lex

Japanese cars in China  Lex

Nokia's Stephen Elop: Next Microsoft CEO?  WSJ

S&P Accuses U.S. of Suing to Avenge Ratings Drop  WSJ

In China, Veil Begins to Lift on High Consumer Prices  WSJ

Data-Security Expert Kaspersky: There Is No More Privacy  WSJ

Putin: I don’t rule out backing military strike against Assad  The Times

Merkel may not be the friend Cameron thinks  The Times

'Baseless economics': Lord Stern on David Cameron’s claims that a UK fracking boom can bring down price of gas  Independent

Greene King cheers a fine summer for pubs  Independent

Overseas takeovers of UK firms jump to six-year high  Independent

Satyajit Das: Shinzo Abe’s ‘three arrows’ will fall short of the target once again  Independent

Syria needs liberal capitalism, not missiles  Telegraph

Not even IDS faced the venom that now confronts Ed Miliband  Telegraph

Putin Interview: Ten interesting things that Vladimir Putin said  Telegraph

GMB union slashes Labour party funding  Guardian

Nokia: Finland mourns the demise of its proud tech heritage  Guardian

Two quarters of growth don't mean George Osborne's policy has worked  Guardian

Emerging market slowdown: can a crisis be averted?  Guardian

UK economy continues to accelerate – but dangers loom large  City AM

Vodafone isn’t avoiding UK tax on the sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless  City AM

Merkel must find a bold new vision or Europe will continue towards disaster  City AM

Attempts to ignore history will be opposed  China Daily

Yuan to play a bigger role in Central Asia  China Daily