Financial Press Summary 6th Sep 2013

G20 ‘split down the middle’ on Syria  FT

Markets bet on rate rise two years early  FT

Fed nomination prospects bring new focus on Summers’s regulation history  FT

Ford says US car sales will rev back to pre-crisis levels  FT

Testing times for Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s new logo falls flat  FT

Syria and new divisions in US politics  FT

There is no one left to enforce the global rules  FT

Europe urges China to cede business control  FT

Grown-up children live at home as rents and house prices rise  FT

The spooks need new ways to keep their secrets safe  FT

Why voters in Australia are primed for a change at the top  FT

Verizon: caveat emptor  Lex

Oncology R & D: the medical perennial  Lex

SuperGroup: distinctive and risky  Lex

Newcrest Mining: it’s good to talk  Lex

Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says  WSJ

Turkey's Once-Golden Economy Buffeted from All Sides  WSJ

Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches  WSJ

Money-Market Cynicism  WSJ

Financial Crisis Anniversary: For Corporations and Investors, Debt Makes a Comeback  WSJ

Cameron lines up Merkel pact over migrant reform  The Times

Cameron dismisses comment that Britain is ‘just a small island’  The Times

Japanese drinks giant has taste for Lucozade  The Times

Rise of the Eurosceptics casts shadow over German election  Independent

Mario Draghi talks down eurozone recovery  Independent

Scottish independence would create 'economic dislocation', says CBI chief Mike Rake  Telegraph

George Osborne has an economic recovery, but what sort?  Telegraph

Welcome to the land of meritocracy, unless you’re a Middle East broadcaster  Telegraph

NSA and GCHQ unlock privacy and security on the internet   Guardian

China factory fire sends memory chip prices to three-year high  Guardian

UK investors see bright future for solar power – if the nimbys can be won over  Guardian

Winners and losers from the great bond market crash of 2013  City AM

Twitter complaint signals the start of a revolution for corporate reputations  City AM

The Long View: We should honour the unknown UK economist who quietly changed the world  City AM