Financial Press Summary

Sale of £3.3bn in Lloyds’ shares seen as vote of confidence in UK  FT

Obama blinked first in battle for Summers  FT

Rousseff to decide if US visit will go ahead  FT

Record Saudi oil output fills supply gap  FT

Vote on Europe will not help Cameron’s foes  FT

Frontline tales from the other Arab uprising  FT

Tapering threatens a stormy outlook for America  FT

UN finds ‘clear’ evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria attack  FT

The ‘taper’: what it means for economies outside the US  FT

Study points to vast shale oilfields  FT

Cruise missiles alone cannot secure credibility FT

Syria could offer an opportunity for Iran   FT

Ignore the doomsayers: Europe is being fixed  FT

Boxes: a bet on growth  Lex

Lloyds Banking Group: heading to the exit  Lex

Fiat / Chrysler: Plan B  Lex

Vedanta Resources: dodgy signing  Lex

Ranbaxy Laboratories: pills & spills  Lex

Yellen Is Now Top Fed Hopeful  WSJ

German Campaigns Get Desperate  WSJ

Detroit Bankruptcy Fight Heads to Mediation  WSJ

How China Lost Its Mojo: One Town's Story  WSJ

Almunia Says Catalonia Would Need to Leave EU if it Secedes From Spain  WSJ

There is an alternative to Angela Merkel  The Times

Ex-MI5 chief joins Mike Lynch for launch of office spy  The Times

Lib Dem Conference: Coalition Government could come to early end before 2015 general election, says Vince Cable  Independent

Satyajit Das: After the Ashes, Australia finds itself on a sticky economic wicket  Independent

James Moore: The Co-op’s treatment of it bondholders is nothing short of shabby  Independent

The earthquake begins as Fed prepares to switch off the printing press  Telegraph

Syrian chemical attack used sarin and was worst in 25 years, says UN  Guardian

Tesco tablet expected on 23 September - and may be very low-priced  Guardian

iPhone 5S: has Apple given up on innovation?  Guardian

Big business is policing tax avoidance – what could possibly go wrong  Guardian

China, US team up on Central Asia  China Daily

Minimum growth rate set at 7 percent  China Daily

Barack Obama should make Donald Kohn the next Fed chief  City AM

Unworkable Syrian chemicals plan saves Obama but exposes unrealistic US policy  City AM

Nick Clegg’s ambition to lift the poor from tax is a lesson for Tories over low pay  City AM