Financial Press Summary

BlackBerry agrees sale in $4.7bn cash deal  FT

Regulators pose as yoghurt shop to target fake online reviewers  FT

Kenya retakes siege shopping mall  FT

US economy not ready for tapering, says Fed official  FT

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif to join negotiations  FT

Merkel says Europe policy will remain unchanged  FT

Bloomberg’s legacy should be protected  FT

Science can help to spot symptoms of executive hubris  FT

Recovery the best hope for wages  FT

German election: FDP takes first painful steps to recovery  FT

China in push to join US-led $4tn services trade talks  FT

White House determined on debt ceiling  FT

Israel offers boost to Palestinian economy  FT

US manufacturers ‘reshoring’ from China  FT

Merkel is Europe’s misunderstood visionary   FT

The economic consequences of Merkel mark three  FT

Merkel’s bittersweet victory  FT

Miliband the dreamer needs Balls the pragmatist  FT

Bond barons emerge winners in Fed move  FT

BlackBerry: buy me, maybe?  Lex

Inefficient markets: dangerous hopes  Lex

Investment banks: bittersweet  Lex

Smithfield: a ham in hand  Lex

J.P. Morgan Ex-Traders Are Citing 'Whale' in Their Defense  WSJ

City of Light Casts Shadow on Sephora's Late Hours  WSJ

Number Caught Entering U.S. Illegally Rises Again  WSJ

Spain Emerges From Recession but Sees More Austerity Ahead  WSJ

Ireland Makes Moody's Less Blue  WSJ

Abe Tax Plans Show the Right Stuff  WSJ

Frackers fear being held to ransom by landowner loophole  The Times

If you’re happy about Merkel, think again  The Times

US airlines to relax ban on tablets and smartphones  The Times

Satyajit Das: Tide is turning and emerging economies risk falling like a Bric  Independent

James Moore: Willie Walsh is right, but it’s about immigration so don’t expect action soon  Independent

How corporate hoarding could kill off the bull market in asset prices  Telegraph

'Mummy' Merkel's Pyrrhic victory – what the German vote means  Telegraph

Chrysler files for IPO - against chief executive's wishes  Telegraph

Changing face of the UK high street: Labour leader unveils revival plan  Guardian

It was Iron Balls' best shot, but will Tory scare tactics win the day?  Guardian

Why this year's freshers are just part of a failed experiment  Guardian

Labour’s plot to hike corporation tax is short-sighted nonsense  City AM

RBS’s mad rise and catastrophic fall can’t all be blamed on Fred Goodwin  City AM

Ed Miliband wants to take Britain on a stealthy path towards socialism  City AM