Financial Press Summary

Press Round-UIp

This mornings financial press summary, kindly provided by Jon Fineberg over at Tourmaline Europe LLP, 

US ready to act alone as UK rejects Syria strike  FT

Asian shares rise on US growth data and easing of Syria fears  FT

Fears grow over $850m lifeline for Batista  FT

Vodafone in talks over selling 45% stake in Verizon Wireless  FT

Striking at Syria without a strategy  FT

The west is playing in to Moscow’s hands on Syria  FT

Ackermann leaves Zurich after CFO death  FT

Nasdaq blames software flaw for trading outage  FT

One Irish person emigrates every six minutes  FT

Shadow banks face limits to securities trading  FT

Israel’s hard news and soft power  FT

Oil fund on troubled waters in Norway  FT

Brazil’s booming farms reap benefit of weak currency  FT

Boehner says he needs more answers from Obama  FT

Court delivers blow to Portugal bailout programme  FT

Sinopec buys into Apache’s Egypt venture  FT

Fresh accusations rock Africa’s Ecobank  FT

KPN foundation blocks Slim’s €7.2bn bid  FT

Hedge funds should invest in smoother handovers  FT

The legal case for military action against Syria is flimsy and bold  FT

Ignore the bluster from banks over capital requirements  FT

The German miracle is now running out of road  FT

Unhappy ending for Indonesia growth story  FT

Fed considers new repo tool to smooth policy exit  FT

UK’s state pension age rise risks widening inequality  FT

Cameron loses Commons Syria vote  FT

Ghana’s supreme court upholds Mahama’s December poll victory  FT

Syria crisis: Barack Obama’s credibility rests on missile strikes  FT

Vodafone / Verizon: call me maybe  Lex

Campbell Soup: good food  Lex

Pernod Ricard: sobering up  Lex

Zurich: executive tragedies  Lex

U.K. Parliament Rejects Syria Action  WSJ

U.S. Prepares for Solo Strike On Syria After Britain Balks  WSJ

GE Set to Exit Retail Lending  WSJ

Some IPOs Aim for Small Investors  WSJ

Is the Glass Half Empty? Two Views of the U.S. Trajectory  WSJ

China Stands Tall in Emerging-Market Rout  WSJ

WPP's New Rival May Be More Powerful Than Advertised  WSJ

China's Banking Thriller Is Missing Pages  WSJ

India's Salvation Lies at Home  WSJ

Book Review: 'Gentlemen Bankers' by Susie J. Pak  WSJ

Cameron humiliated as MPs veto missile strikes on Syria  The Times

You’re a disgrace, Gove shouted at backbenchers. His wife tweeted: ‘Losers’  The Times

They don’t make speeches like that any more  The Times

Big Brother is watching us? How comforting  The Times

House prices continue upward march  The Times

Small businesses take fresh hit as HSBC raises fees   The Times

Three sets up a 4G price war to see off Yoda  The Times

The storm clouds that threaten our optimism  The Times

The UN is powerless to stop justice being done  The Times

Europe says that a woman’s place is in the central bank  The Times

Jobless total to hit 7% early, but rates won’t go up  The Times

Britain leads way in Europe with new car sales booming  The Times

Britain no longer upwardly mobile  The Times

OFT set to drop inquiry as Amazon scraps ban  The Times

Belarus and Russia row over potash raises fear of a trade war  Independent 

Mark Leftly: Putting PwC on Serco's case adds another stink to a very smelly situation  Independent

Mark Leftly: Bumi boss's endorsement is underwhelming  Independent

4G revolution: Super-fast mobile internet arrives  Independent

Syria crisis: No to war, blow to Cameron  Telegraph

Does the high street really need saving?  Telegraph

Is the Co-op Bank worth saving?  Telegraph

Mark Carney: ‘I’ll stop house price bubble’  Telegraph

Immigration surge driven by eurozone crisis  Telegraph

Ireland: the poster child of recovery but not of austerity  Telegraph

Worldwide loss of oil supply heightens Syria attack risk  Telegraph

Blow to Cameron's authority as MPs rule out British assault on Syria  Guardian

Internet telephony means businesses never miss a customer's call  Guardian

Syria: it takes more courage to say there is nothing outsiders can do  Guardian

Facebook considers adding profile photos to facial recognition database  Guardian

McLaren races ahead in business and Formula One on eve of 50th birthday  Guardian

No 10 curses, but Britain's illusion of empire is over  Guardian

Cameron will look back on this vote as a political blessing  City AM

Zurich chair Ackermann resigns after the death of finance boss  City AM

Strikes on Syria may force the West into a war it will struggle to control  City AM

Networks see more to 4G than travel games – despite limited roll out  City AM