Fire & Forget


Ronald and Penelope Jones, the couple who have fostered at least 268 children over the years, a number which unfortunately includes the Parsons Green bomber, are obviously good and decent people. The very best of citizens in fact. They strike me though, through these unfortunate circumstances, to be a metaphor for the well meaning but soft and naive media and London elite led calls two years ago to throw open our doors to so called refugees. I wrote this at the time,

(from the  original piece )

(from the original piece)

So the UK is to accept thousands of Syrian refugees.

The media frenzy has leveraged up the emotional blackmail leaving the Prime Minister with no where to turn. He should have turned to the citizens who will again bear the brunt of the influx. If the Government chooses to act on whatever happens to be the latest issue trending on Twitter then good luck to them but it’s hardly statesman like. The dead child on a Turkish beach seems to have been the tipping point. That was the dead child on a Turkish beach proving Stalin’s dictum that ‘one death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.’ The boy drowned after getting on board a Turkish boat run by Turkish smugglers in Turkish waters under the eyes of the Turkish coastguard. How does that become the problem for citizens in our towns and cities who already are swamped with previous waves of immigration creating overcrowded schools, GP’s and housing lists. Moreover, why get in the boat in the first place? If the family were fleeing war they had succeeded in doing that by being in Turkey. If the father had acted as recklessly in the UK he’d now be in jail awaiting trial.

I have read a number of pieces on the web from locals suggesting that many of these refugees are not Syrian, Afghani or Iraqi but include Palestinians and others. Have you noticed incidentally, just how many apparent refugees are young men aged between 10 and 30 carrying the latest smartphones and wearing spic and span Nike trainers? One could say that anyone living in the Middle East could have refugee status, I wouldn’t want to live there but the line, a line, must be drawn.

That we were lucky that the Parsons Green device was unstable and failed to properly detonate doesn't really do justice to 'lucky.' It seems pretty apparent to me that local councils responsible for farming these 'refugees,' out to the community are simply not equipped to do so. These young men can't be integrated before they have had a period of cultural decompression, orientation and education. To do anything else is breathtakingly stupid and irresponsible. Ignore it and it is not a large step to get to a situation as they are enduring in Sweden with a monumental rise in crimes against women or to harvest more victims here from their bomb-making. Whatever the Commissioner and Home Secretary say, this problem isn't going away anytime soon and we don't appear to have much of a plan to fix it. You'd think the very obvious place to start would be to ban buckets on public transport. 

It is typical that our political class react to a Twitter led media waves of angst and fury with an immediate quick-fix fire and forget solution as they did in 2015. The problem is, that is exactly what the terrorist does as he walks away. Funny how we haven't heard from Geldorf on the subject by the way.... or any of his cheerleaders.