Fitbit Fail

So, I married an addict. She uses it by day and sleeps with it by night. She's fiddles with it, stares at it, goes shopping, cycling and to the gym with it. I don't have a Fitbit myself. I can kind of tell when I need to stand up and stretch my legs. Still, Fitbit disciples surround us and we have to learn to live with them.

Aria.... or bathroom scales to you and me.

Being a big hearted soul, I take the competition for her attention in my stride and thought I was on a winner when I discovered that Fitbit make bathroom scales. These aren't ordinary scales. First, they give them a cool name, (Aria), and design them so they can synchronise with the thing on your wrist and the PC programme which links them all together, monitoring the wearers every move. 

Clever bloody thing; but lands with an eye watering crump.

So, having heard her remark that we needed some new bathroom scales, and with her birthday fast approaching, I thought 'nailed it; perfect present.'

That was about the time when Mrs Flashbang went Flash & Bang. What did I miss here?

Note to the Fitbit guys; your clever scales have the aeronautical characteristics of a sack of bricks and they don't bounce. I have the bruise to prove it.