Fashionista Crumble

So, I find myself in receipt of a kind invitation to a wedding in Italy. The dress is Italian Riviera Chic. What is Italian Riviera Chic? I'm guessing it's not the Englishman's GoTo wedding default of morning coat. I googled 'Italian Riviera Chic,' and can tell you for free I won't be appearing dressed like these lady boys who don't stand close enough to their razors in the morning.

A good starting point will be the regimental tie, (bound to bump into someone), but from there it's all a bit vague. Brown brogues or black? Now there's a question for the man of the moment. I suspect the scene by the shore of Lake Como will be one festooned with linen suits. I have a linen jacket but its rather too worn and world weary to be seen in public. More Denholm Elliot sitting crumpled at the end of a hot and humid bar in Havana than Clooney in Como. But, to be chic it's always best not to follow the crowd and in the game of wardrobe Top Trumps, I hold the hands down winning card. It's time to bring on the All-Season-Wear-Anytime-Anywhere men's get out clause - the kilt. What is there not to love? Linen suit brigade 0 - Crumble 10. Now that we've successfully boxed that off it's over to the girls who lets face it, have a much bigger mountain to climb. The bar after all, is set pretty high,