Fukushima; Everyone's Problem

Typhoon May-yi passed through Fukushima without incident. Tepco though dumped 1,130 tons of rainwater from behind concrete barriers situated in front of seven storage areas into the sea. Tepco said the water had a safe reading below 30 becquerels/ltr; (readings as high as 170,000 have been taken nearby as recently as Sep 14th). None of which helps the blue fin tuna which are currently glowing off the Californian coast. You don’t even want to know what radioactive cesium does to the human body. It may take a huge contamination scare somewhere or god forbid a spate of birth defects but ultimately, the international community will wade into Japan and take over the problem.

For contaminants to be flowing into the ocean every day this long after the event is just unacceptable and goodness knows what will eventually emerge from the dark depths.... don’t these people watch movies?

If that weren't bad enough the scarier extreme of the loony fringe is putting forward the theory that the three molten cores, which each weigh 120-130 tons, have melted their way through 6 inches of steel and are currently sitting on concrete floors in the cracked buildings, or they are melting their way into the earth in what the nuclear geeks apparently call “A melt through to the China syndrome.” Actually, even the silliest Hollywood script writers couldn't make this nonsense up.... that’s why it’s so worrying.