Stand-Out Stand-Up Guy

Jim Murphy doing the Hard Yards

One or two good reflective pieces appearing with this one, again from the excellent Alex Massie, of note and some analysis from Lord Ashcroft's post referendum poll in the Spectator coffee House here.

For me, the stand-out stand-up man of the campaign, on either side, was Labour MP Jim Murphy. His 100 Towns in 100 Days tour will be long remembered.

If David Cameron is serious about connecting with the huge swathes of disaffected citizens in the UK he could make a good start by getting the MP for East Renfrewshire, Jim Murphy, on board the Governments team in respect of Scottish affairs and the devolution of more promised responsibility to Edinburgh. He is a Labour politician so I probably don't agree with most of his political beliefs but frankly, that's unimportant at this time and it shouldn't be for David Cameron. Right now there's a pretty loud message coming through that even Westminster can't continue to ignore.......... start listening. Murphy strikes me as the man who can plug in to both sides and who is strident enough to cope with the sometime boisterous character of Scottish politics.

Jim Murphy

Throwing a New Year Honour his way would to my mind be a somewhat cheap. There's work to be done and I wouldn't mind betting he'd be up for it. In any event, I intend to write to him to offer my appreciation for his efforts that made the rest of the headless chickens look like.... well, headless chickens.